About Goskate

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About Goskate

Wow, what a time for sports! After an awful year or two for us all, being trapped inside, out the doors the people have run. With boards or boats, rackets or rollerblades. Skateboards have pushed and popped their way into the Olympic stadium and schools are pushing outdoor activities like they want a break. Such are the climbing needs from provisions that those that practice must step up.

Goskate Brighton has been created at a burgeoning point for the sport of skating. Crafted by Joe Williams, based on the experience acquired from across the country, working in a variety of sports and studying their history and progression. Coupled with the undying passion for skate sports and teaching that the team shares provides a powerful learning platform. These are the tomes by which GoSkate is driven.

Goskate care

First and foremost, we care for all of our guests and participants. Each session will be fun and educational with development in mind. Ensuring those taking part are safe at all times.

Each learning experience is sensetive to the needs of the individual, whilst pulling them comfortably to push themselves further. Each session is planned with learning outcomes and development woven into the session, seamlessly. The team shares as much attention to the potential for personal development as skill based progression. The attention and care shared by the team is expressed by some of the codes of practice.

Equal opportunities

Using the experience acquired from competition and hosting events, sportsmanship has become a keystone in teaching with GoSkate. Themes of fareness and etiquette are passed on with passion throughout the sessions provided.

Sessions are conducted with a system that won't allow for any activity or task to be forced upon guests beyond what is comfortable. This is your path and your session. As the coach it is our task to guide along said path, not drag you down it. This is known as Challenge by choice. A posetive environment is conducive to a posetive learning experience.