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Each session booked with us is hand crafted to suit the individual needs of the participants and the groups. Whether you have just started or just run out of things to do, 8 years or 80, no worries, we will endeavour to help your skills and passion grow. Street, Flatland, Downhill or Park, we can help you on your upward adventure.

The sessions are conducted at skate parks and flat spaces all across Brighton & Hove. There are plenty of spots perfect for all ranges that we can recommend to start, or the location of the sessions can be up to you.

Private One-to-One Single Lessons

Some people love to learn on their own with a dedicated instructor. Our private one-to-one lessons are suitable for complete beginners all the way up to those wishing to brush-up on their skills or wanting to learn new techniques and disciplines.

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Course of 5 Private One-to-One Lessons

The first session begins with attaining information on where you want to take your abilities, followed by exploring that in the following sessions. Aiming to progress and push to achieve personal goals with some surprises along the way.

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Group Lessons - For 2 or more persons

Some people like to gang together and learn better with others. Learning together can be fun and often more effective than learning alone. Come skate as a group to push your boards and skills, together, with friends or family.

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Rollerskate & rollerblade lessons and tuition coming soon!

Goskate Gift Vouchers

Goskate Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are delivered to you digitally by email or SMS and can be redeemed in-person at any time - They NEVER expire. You can use them yourself or forward to someone else as a smashing gift. You can use them in full or part payment for any of our tuition services.

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