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Skateboard tuition in Brighton & Hove.

Welcome to GoSkate in Brighton & Hove. We provide private skateboard tuition, skateboard lessons, and group skateboard classes for all ages and abilities in the Brighton and Hove area.

Learn to pop, slide, carve and cruise with the option of including a variety of disciplines on a vast selection of boards from beginner to advanced. Crafting each personalised experience for maximum, extreme progressive and safe fun.

No kit? no problem!

Not having the right gear can act as a barrier to access sports. We break those barriers. So all the essential and protective equipment is provided as a part of the session, if required, at no additional cost.

The kit and equipment that we provide has been picked for its high standard of quality and or safety, to ensure you get the most out of the session.

Starting early

Incorporating methods of athletic development, having a coach from a young age can greatly accelerate the learning process as well as encouraging good social awareness skills, a rewarding learning curve and attention to safe practices.

This means you can get better quicker and stay better for longer. With reduced chance of long term injuries and bad habits. Coaching can provide a stable foundation of skill, creating a coherent trend for knowledge of the sport and the body, which in turn become transferable to other sports and hobbies.

Through the caring attention of the coach, young people can share the supportive, friendly communal space that skating can provide.

Improve your skills

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Our skateboard tuition in Brighton & Hove

Each session booked with us is hand crafted to suit the individual needs of the participants and the groups. Whether you have just started or just run out of things to do, 8 years or 80, no worries, we will endeavour to help your skills and passion grow.

Private 1-2-1 Lessons

Some people love to learn on their own with a dedicated instructor. Our private one-to-one lessons are suitable for complete beginners all the way up to those wishing to brush-up on their skills or wanting to learn new techniques and disciplines.

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Course of Private Lessons

The first session begins with attaining information on where you want to take your abilities, followed by exploring that in the following sessions. Aiming to progress and push to achieve personal goals with some surprises along the way.

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Group Lessons

Some people like to gang together and learn better with others. Learning together can be fun and often more effective than learning alone. Come skate as a group to push your boards and skills, together, with friends or family.

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when you pursue your passion

Brush up
your skills.

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How we teach.

Each course and session is custom made to the expectations and requirements of the participants.

Our coaches use an holistic approach to education, incorporating practical, theoretical and safety information and cultural elements to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage long term commitment. This approach can also aid in the personal development of all those who join our sessions.

The methods used to aid in progression are refined from 15 years of coaching and teaching outdoor education in a multitude of sports and adventure settings.

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